"A labyrinth is not a tangle – quite the opposite. It is very easy to make a tangle; but it is not easy to make a labyrinth."

José Bergamín




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'English Library' Books

AA.VV. Keats and Italy

Elizabeth Wahn Lindsey and the Jedgar

Nancy Watkins The Poet's Room


About the authors

Annelisa Alleva

Michele Colafato

Francesco Dalessandro

Gianfranco Palmery

Elizabeth Wahn

Nancy Watkins


Videoclip readings

In Four

Sun in the Sepulcher

Like All Geminis

The Inherited Gold

P.B. Shelley

John Keats


Italian Poetry in English translation

Alleva Letter in the Form of a Sonnet

Alleva The Inherited Gold

Colafato Transmutuations and Discollusions

Dalessandro The Observatory

Palmery Garden of delights

Palmery In Four

Palmery I Does Not ExistPalmery Medusa

Ricci The Enemy's Horses



Arte in copertina

Art and Artists


Keats, Shelley  Amore e fama

Shelley  Alla notte



Il Labirinto books

'Love for the authentic, the exceptional, for literary knowledge'

About the publisher

Il Labirinto is a quality Italian publisher specialized in poetry, narrative, essay and art. All books contain original artwork done expressly for them by contemporary artists. Many of the first edition books are issued in numbered copies and some have hand-sewn bindings. The Il Labirinto web site features live readings by Italian poets.

The 'English Library' series

Nancy Watkins The Poet's Room

Nancy Watkins The Poet's Room

Elizabeth Wahn Lindsey and the Jedgar

Elizabeth Wahn Lindsey and the Jedgar

About the authors (in English)

Annelisa Alleva

Annelisa Alleva


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