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The Inherited Gold

by Annelisa Alleva


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from L’oro ereditato




The Inherited Gold

Annelisa Alleva L'oro ereditato

Poems from the book L'oro ereditato by Annelisa Alleva

Translated by the author and reread by Jody Joseph


Last night I dreamt
you called me from New York.
For a moment the picture
was reversed: you were
looking for me, trembling,
to see how I was, but in fact
only to hear my voice.
I said hello
with a tired roar, and you,
you had to tell me who you were,
so I'd recognize you,
something that bothers you so much.
I quickly asked: where are you,
and can't recall the rest,
but try to imagine it.
I asked you what you were wearing,
and at your description I replied:



I know that different ages are closed to each other
like the castes at the time of Ancient Egypt.
"You lack the wealth of our more remote memory",
seems to cry a high dignitary, blocking the entrance door.
But here, I hear a step dragging
in the library, different from the others,
and two lips flapping unintentionally;
an old professor proceeds bent, with glasses on,
an obtuse and haughty look.
And then I don't regret anymore not having known
the war, not being older, only
to have met you when we both
were twenty years old.



Wait, I still have to tell you something,
every day a new name comes to mind
I can use as my signature.
Today, I beg you, be
Czar Ivan, and I will be Prince Kurbskij.
You do Ivan's bombastic and solemn style,
learned from the sacred texts of infancy,
I instead... I would like to write you
like a wife barbarously imprisoned:
"My lord, my everything, I pray you...",
but this time I've decided
to be the proud Prince Andrej Kurbskij.


Original book:

Collana Stanze

Annelisa Alleva
L’oro ereditato
2001 Pages 120 Euro 12,00

ISBN 978-88-89299-23-4


Annelisa Alleva L'oro ereditato
Edizioni Il Labirinto