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Prometheus Housebound

by Gianfranco Palmery


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Reading by Barbara Carle

Video by Nancy Watkins



Original Book

Gianfranco Palmery
L’io non esiste
2003 Pages 128 Euro 12,00


ISBN 978-88-89299-26-5


Gianfranco Palmery L'io non esiste



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Poems from the book L'io non esiste (I Does Not Exist) by Gianfranco Palmery

Translation by Barbara Carle


Prometheus Housebound

Liver ailment, Titanic ill,
makes a poor theme for domestic, domiciliary
verses. Although under arrest
it doesn’t mean chained to a ridge
of stone with the gnawing of the fatal
vulture swooping down and from its own remains
the immortal liver is rosily reborn.
Here torments are obscure, modest:
melancholy or black bile: a stigma
of petrified gall inflames
the side—cause or effect of the affliction?
Are the poisons descending? Or will
the fumitory infusions of morning
free the mind from its funerary slothfulness?



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