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A fast-paced fantasy adventure that turns children onto the fun of Shakespeare.

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Lindsey and The Jedgar

Authored by Elizabeth Wahn

"A Shakespeare devotee intent on making Shakespeare accessible to children"
                            –The American Magazine

Twelve-year-old Lindsey is in for the adventure of her life when she jets off to visit a rich old aunt on the tropical Isle of Elsinore. Populated by exotic animals, quirky robots, and spry, poetry-loving oldsters, Elsinore seems like a topsy-turvy paradise until the mysterious Jedgar starts threatening the island. As Lindsey and her pals band together to unlock the mystery, all clues point to Shakespeare who turns out to be-or not to be-the key.

Scientists predict that life expectancy will take a leap within the next thirty years. What will society be like? Elsinore provides a humorous peek by setting the story in a high-tech, multi-ethnic, golden age community. Thrust into this thriving, close-knit world is twelve-year-old Lindsey, a sympathetic heroine. Both gutsy and insecure, she's a typical child that youngsters easily relate to, and her quest for inner balance reflects the universal childhood experience. As she confronts external and internal conflicts, she gains a level of introspection and maturity-and also learns a lot of Shakespeare.

The magical whale-shaped island of Elsinore adds to the fun as the children travel-by blimp, helicopter, and hot-air balloon-in search of clues. Between earthquakes, floods and wild animals, travel on foot turns dangerous, and Lindsey and her friends are forced to explore from a bird's eye view. The chase to outwit a dreaded enemy leads them into Arden Forest, the forbidden Pink Zone, and beyond Elsinore to the Jedgar's Inferno, a volcanic island gone berserk.

The book contains a map of Elsinore Island and other illustrations.

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Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure
Sixth Grade

Trade Paperback
5.5" x 8.5"

Il Labirinto
Elizabeth Wahn
Ivy Steele

© Copyright Il Labirinto, Rome Italy